Colour Combinations To Make Your Wedding Photos Look Stunning

Everyone likes a colourful wedding – both in the mood and the tone, for they set the ambience for the entire day. When deciding on the colour scheme for your special day, you need to keep in mind that it’s not just the guests that you need to enthral with the tone, but your photos too.

A fantastic colour scheme will look fabulous on camera. But don’t just go for a monochromatic scheme to be safe; experiment and mix with different shades that could match well. A colourful mix can alleviate your emotions and mood for the day. Here are a few colour combinations that will look elegant in photos, as well as to the naked eye.

Mint, Gold And Peach
Minty green has been going around as a favourite the last couple of years. As a pastel cool colour, it can also be mixed with most other shades of the rainbow to bring out the elegance. Mix it up with warmer tones like gold and peach that will look good in the lens. Gold can both be matte or sparkly, depending upon your taste. The warm-cool combo is tasteful to the eye and is not too striking to garner all the attention. This combo is particularly apt for a springtime wedding.

Pink, Grey And Ivory
This again is a combination of pastel and neutral colours. The pink and grey hues combine to give a beautiful contrast of light and dark, and with the neutral ivory in the mix, the palette is complete. The speciality of this combination is that you could choose whichever shade you need for pink and grey. Baby pink and charcoal or dark pink and light grey are two great mixes that capture the light beautifully, bringing out a romantic ambience.

Navy, Yellow And White
For a seaside wedding, or if you are going for a nautical theme, then mixing navy and white is the ideal palette. Add in a pop of yellow for cheerfulness, and you will have a beautiful colour scheme that looks just right for the camera. If you use a pale yellow, the blue of the sea will project out elegantly. You could also go for a brighter yellow tone to diminish the nautical feel, and bring in a bit of brightness.

Coral, Teal And Light Grey
Coral and teal are like bread and butter – they combine perfectly to give out a natural colour balance. They are bright hues and are the perfect scheme to go for an outdoor wedding. Dip in a bit of light grey at the borders and you will have a happy atmosphere that will be apparent in the photos. The neutral light of grey will combine with the contrast between coral and teal to form a happy and bright ambience.

Purple, Silver And Blue
If you are looking for versatility, then go with purple and blue. Both these colours have many facets to their hues, and their tints can bring in a varied feel through mixing and matching. Monochromatic shades of blue can mix elegantly with purple and give your photos a dreamy feel. When going with light shades of purple, like lavender, mixed with periwinkle blue, dab in a little silver to bring out the contrast. The silver can either be matte or sparkly, depending upon the shades of blue and purple you mix.