10 Must Take Photographs on Your Wedding Day

What’s the key to getting a fabulous wedding album? An equally fabulous photographer? Definitely, but also making sure that your photographer has all the precious moments in sights at the right time. So what are those special moments? Here are 10 must have clicks that you can cherish for a lifetime.

Pre-Ceremony Photos 1. Your Attire & Accessories

Every item that you would hold on to this day is special, so get a click of the wedding attires, bouquets, wedding accessories etc. You would probably not use these later on, so having a memory of them in action is something that you wouldn’t regret later

2. Bride & Groom Preparation
That’s right. Get your photographer to weave his magic through your preparation scenes. Get candid, if possible, to create authenticity and sophistication. You will find lots of precious moments getting etched on shutter, from hairstyling the bride to the groom getting ready at the hands of his best men.

3. Bride & Bridal Entrance
The wedding ceremony is the most important event, so your photographer will be going crazy trying to capture every minute detail. A good photographer will certainly have captured all the main events, but instruct him as to any special moments that you would like to have captured. The arrival of the bridal party, the walk of the bride up to the stage, the priest’s invocations or any religious rites etc. are prime focus areas. Take special note to get the groom’s reaction on seeing the bride walking up to him decked beautifully!

4. Parents & Friends During Ceremony
Candid shots of the parents of the bride and groom will be priceless, especially the moment of giving away the bride. The photographer must balance his shots between the main ceremony and the friends and relatives standing around. Emotions will be soft and charged at the moment and it is important to have these memories captured.

5. The Ring Exchange
Some weddings might have the ring exchange during the D-Day, while other traditions might choose to exchange gifts between the families. This is a moment that every couple might choose to relive. Close-up shots of the ring exchange and the emotions and expressions of the bride, groom and family members will be targeted by most photographers.

Portrait Photos

6. Bride and Groom Portraits
Portrait photos are usually taken after the main ceremony. You can either have candid shots of the bride and groom, both together and individual, or have staged shoots.

7. Family Portraits
This is quite a difficult one to manage, what with all the hullaballoo and all, organizing the family for a shot is frustrating. Help the photographer with organising immediate family members for a quick shot with the bride and groom, or get your best man to help him out.

Reception Photos

8. The Party
The fun time begins and this is best captured through candid moments. With an elaborate setting and a party mood up in the air, the photographer can focus on the décor and the guests without much hassle.

9. Bridal Party
Throw the mix of groomsmen and bridesmaid, along with the newlyweds, and you can get some fun time clicks. Round up the entire bridal court for some entertaining set of clicks that are both formal and enjoyment.

10. The Farewell
Probably the most emotional moment of all, especially for the bride and her family, as they send her to a new home and life. Your photographer should get the departure, clicks of the parents with the couples, and the cheers, laughter and emotional farewells.