Black & White and Vintage Wedding Photography

Wedding photos clicked in a vintage feel or in black & white have a certain charm to them. It adds a touch of élan that is invisible in other coloured images, which is why photographers get a lot of demands from newlyweds for shoots in black and white or vintage settings.

As much as coloured photos look bright and cheerful, there is an element of magical realism with vintage or black and white photos. Especially for a wedding that is et within a vintage theme that oozes nostalgia and romance.

Speciality of Black and White
There are a set of characteristics that govern the behaviour of a black and white picture.

  • A retro ambience
  • If you are adept in playing with light angles and shade, then clicking photos in black and white can bring out outstanding images
  • Impressive silhouettes can be made
  • The vintage feel that is separate, at the same time, adjoined with the rest of the photos in a wedding album

Coloured Details in Black & White

This is quite a popular method and often employed by photographers who create a vintage wedding album. Here, the classic black and white photos are given a smudge of colour to a particular detail, making it stand out in perfect harmony with the rest of the image.

For instance, you might have a photo of the bride carrying the bouquet. Here, when you go for colour detailing, you could leave the scene in black and white with the bouquet in colour. Or leave the bride and the bouquet in colour while the scene in itself is black and white.

There are numerous ways through which you could integrate a little coloured detail into the black and white image. What it depends on is the type of picture and what you would want to emphasize from the portrait.

Vintage Cares

Other than creating a perfect classic black and white image, going with the vintage or retro look can provide an attractive addition to the wedding album. You could either go for a vintage filter when shooting raw or apply the effects during post-production for a timeless feel.

But there are 2 things to keep in mind when creating a vintage wedding album –
1. Don’t Overdo: Never go over the top and provide a vintage feel to every wedding shot you take. That can turn out to be gimmicky and won’t have any uniqueness.
2. Know Your Shots: You should select which shots are meant to be vintage. If the wedding is vintage themed, it will be easier for you to arrange you shots, otherwise trust on your instincts. Remember, not every shot you click will be perfect for a vintage feel.